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I’m Richard, owner and operator of Devizes Tree Services. This is the page on most trades websites where you would expect to read about what marvellous tree surgeons we are, how well qualified and hard-working we are, how we’re health and safety compliant – that sort of thing.

I could tell you all about that, or I could just say that we’re a successful business with loads of satisfied customers, which means we obviously do things right and fill all those criteria.

What makes us different is that we don’t see anything wrong with taking a good-natured attitude to getting on with the job, so we’re always chirpy and like to crack a joke or two.

Over 30 years experience
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Qualified Tree Surgeons

Strong Work Ethic & Sense of Humour

As everyone knows, there’s more to tree surgery than just lopping off a few branches. I’m City & Guilds qualified and have worked in the tree surgery trade for 30 years.

I’ve teamed up with some like-minded experienced tree surgeons who share my strong work ethic and sense of humour, to take on tree services contracts.

We do have our serious side, making sure we keep up to speed with developments in the trade and going on refresher courses to keep our skills honed.

For the most part though we are happy-go-lucky tree climbers who enjoy working outdoors in a job that keeps us fit. Even a spot of bad weather doesn’t put us off.

A Pat on the Back

We’re friendly guys who care about our customers, that’s why our pricing is fair and competitive. We give free quotations – and our advice comes free too, so don’t hesitate to ask for it because it’s not often you get something for nothing in this world!

We get on well with everyone we work for – private householders, landlords, developers, architects, business owners and anyone else who needs trees tended to or hedges trimmed.

We know our clients approve of us because many of them come back for repeat business, or recommend us to friends or family – which feels like a welcome pat on the back.



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