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Tree Surgery & Stump Removal

While we certainly can’t be termed “tree huggers”, we do appreciate trees. It’s our job to make sure they’re not a nuisance or a hazard, while keeping them healthy and happy as well, where possible.

There are times when we’re contracted to remove one or more trees from a site. We don’t exactly shout “Timmberrr!” like lumberjacks in the movies as the tree trunk comes down. It’s more of a careful dismantling process, but one that we’ve done enough times to complete confidently without dropping a big branch through your roof, or knocking over the fence.

When the stump is left behind, we get rid of it using tried and trusted methods.

A lot of our work involves cutting off dead or diseased branches, pruning, thinning and shaping trees so they keep looking lovely and don’t impact on people or property in the vicinity.

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Hedge Trimming

If your hedge isn’t given a trim regularly, it’ll soon get out of hand just like the hair on your head.  It’ll probably look patchy and twiggy with browning sections rather than compact, green and dense. In other words, neglect a hedge and it becomes an eyesore rather than a splendid spectacle, whether it’s a garden feature or a practical barrier or boundary.

It doesn’t take us long to knock hedges back into shape. We give them a short back and sides – front and top too – with a dexterity that would give any barber a run for his money.

It’s best to have your hedge clipped twice a year once it’s established; preferably done during the growing season (spring to mid-summer).

Just like anything nowadays, there are laws relating to hedges, especially hedge height. Don’t let it concern you if, like most people, you didn’t know this – we’re clued up and can give you the low down.

Woodland Maintenance

If you go down to the woods today you might be in for a big surprise – not a teddy bear’s picnic, but perhaps you’ll spy our Devizes Tree Services team hard at work among the trees doing a spot of thinning or coppicing.

We are contracted to undertake a fair bit of woodland management work in and around Wiltshire on local estates, farms and public land, doing our part to conserve what little is left of our once widespread “wildwood”. Strange to think that, according to the history buffs, the whole of Britain was once covered by a huge, dense forests.

Our work in the woods doesn’t just benefit the area’s dog walkers or weekend wanderers, it also keeps the wildlife happy, so we’re pretty chuffed when we’re contracted for this sort of valuable work.

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