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Getting on Top of Tree Troubles

You might think that tending to troublesome trees or trimming unruly hedges is child’s play – all that monkeying around in the treetops! In fact, its serious business requiring more than just a head for heights.

As tree surgeons with plenty of experience under our belts we’re professionals at what we do, but that doesn’t stop us being a team of cheerful chaps while we’re out and about, contracting for a variety of tree services in Wiltshire and across the borders into Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset or Gloucestershire.

We’re ready and willing to go wherever trees or bushes need us – in your garden, or a park; in the woods or school playground.

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Cut ‘em Down to Size

We’ve studied long and hard and plenty of expertise in dealing with dangerous, diseased or just plain pesky trees – humanely and safely of course. We’ve worked on more trees and shrubs than you’ve had hot dinners!

We do all the regular tree work you’d expect from professional tree surgeons, like crown thinning, pollarding, pruning and of course – the most drastic solution – a full takedown and stump removal.

As a customer who just wants a tree tidied up or trimmed down you don’t need to know the science and methodology behind tree surgery, but we’ll explain how it all works if you’re interested. We don’t always “talk to the trees” like Clint Eastwood famously sang in an old movie, but we’re happy to talk about them!

Put Us to the Test

Something else our green team makes short work of is hedge cutting. It’s very satisfying to watch a hedge that’s gone haywire take shape under our skilled hands. We’re pretty hotshot at looking after woodland, too.

All round you could say that Devizes Tree Services are good guys to know. We were well brought up and taught to be tidy so we leave our worksites spic and span, and we’re reliable, punctual and hardworking – test us out and see.

Basically, we’re just genuine, down-to-earth local guys out to win tree contracts and do the best job we can for our clients.

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